laser clay pigeon shooting

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Lasershoot clay pigeon shooting can be played virtually anywhere there is an open space.
We use charter vessels, resorts, wineries, convention centres (outdoors) and golf courses to mention a few.

Lasershoot can accommodate any size group. We've catered to groups from five to 500 clay pigeon shooting players without difficulty.

A maximum of five clay pigeon shooters can play at any one time. Clay Pigeon Shooting Tournaments can be modified to suit beginners or experts.

If you would like further information or would like to book your next clay pigeon shooting event with Lasershoot, please send us your requirements by contacting Lasershoot Clay Pigeon Shooting to
discuss your groups individual needs.


  • Corporate Entertainment - Great Idea for corporate entertainment. Whether you want to impress your guests or a corporate client your want to show a good time. Clay Pigeon Shooting is a great idea for entertaining your corporate guests.

  • Team Building - Clay Pigeon Shooting is a great idea for team building. Clay Pigeon shooting is a great way to lift moral. Clay Pigeon shooting is for all group sizes large or small. Clay Pigeon Shooting can build relationships, enhance communication, engage employees and overall improve sales.

  • Recognition and Reward Events - Organising a Clay Pigeon Shooting event is a great way to thank your key clients, employees, team members and/or suppliers. Clay Pigeon shooting is interactive, engaging and entertaining. Appreciate the important people that make your company, business or organisation.

  • Events and Functions - Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is ideal for any event, occassion or function. We will come to you. It's that added entertainment that makes that event or function that little bit more exciting. Whether it's a corporate function, or a cultural event, laser clay pigeon shooting is a great form of entertainment.

  • Bucks Parties - Stag Parties or buck's parties, you cannot go wrong with adding Laser Pigeon Clay shooting to spice up the party. Get the boys together and have a blast. Clay Pigeon Shooting is ideal for that special day or night.

  • Hens Parties - Whether your enjoying your hen's party on board a boat or partying around town, lasershoot clay pigeon shooting is an ideal way to entertain the girls. Add some additional excitement to the itinerary.

  • Cruising Sydney Harbour - Lasershoot Clay Pigeon Shooting is a great form of entertainment for your corporate christmas function, especially if your cruising around sydney harbour. Lasershoot Clay Pigeon Shooting is a great way to add fun and excitement to your cruise.

  • Resorts and Conventions - Lasershoot Clay Pigeon Shooting comes to you. Whether your staying at a resort or have attended a convention and are looking for some excitement to add to the day you can't beat clay pigeon shooting to add that bit of excitement to the day.


clay pigeon shoot

Safe, Fun, and Interactive Lasershoot is ideal for :-

    clay pigeon shooting
laser clay pigeon shooting
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